The POWER of Smart, Simple and Integrated Church Management Software

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Did you know that Church Management Software (CHMS) can help you drive congregation engagement?

Why don’t you start the New Year off right and be prepared for what’s coming in 2021 with simple, easy to use and integrated church management software that can be implemented in 60 days or less and can help you:

  • Prepare for the holiest event of the year, Easter
  • Make new members feel welcomed and invited
  • Attain a sense of comfort with the congregation on COVID restrictions and policies
  • Get members to volunteer and engage with the church
  • Increase donations to support needed community outreach
  • Spend more time for ministry

With the power of smart integrated church management software, you will gain:

  • Greater Management – Automate and streamline member data management to support your ministry — all in one cloud-based, integrated platform.
  • Greater Communication – Connect using various contact methods including, phone, text and email from a single location, in seconds.
  • Greater Flexibility – Foster generosity anywhere and anytime to grow your church.
  • Greater Savings and Security – Financial software to manage and maximize ministry growth.
  • Greater Visibility – Attract new members and get your church found on the web.

And more.

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